Technical support

The Source of Quality Honesty is Gold

Yuanjin people are industrious, innovative and produce products that can satisfy customers, and after-sales service is the orientation concept of Yuanjin people. 24-hour post tracking has achieved customer first, and the enterprise is responsible for customers as the imperial edict, never slack off. The pursuit of Yuanjin people is even more unique. From the intelligent electric compact shelves and various modern file fittings developed and produced by itself at the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise to becoming one of the large backbone enterprises in China's metal furniture industry, Yuanjin people have achieved their dreams for many years, making Yuanjin people feel that they can have everything only through continuous innovation.


Pre sales service

Free on-site survey, project consultation, drawing design, project budget and relevant technical data. Focusing on customers, we will provide customers with a variety of feasible solutions for their reference to obtain a solution that customers are satisfied with.


On sale service

The production shall be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant national standards, the product quality shall be controlled in the whole process according to the ISO9001 quality system, and the relevant terms of the contract shall be strictly observed. Deliver goods, install and debug for customers free of charge, fill in the quality acceptance form, and complete the technical guidance on customer use, maintenance and general faults.


after-sale service

Warranty service: The equipment is guaranteed for three years free of charge for lifelong maintenance, providing customers with the required services quickly and quickly. After the warranty period, the equipment maintenance only charges the material cost, not the labor cost.


Other services

Telephone service: set up a customer hotline to deal with customers' problems in the process of using the equipment quickly.

Software service: provide customers with relevant information and software version upgrade free of charge.

Guarantee service: establish customer files, provide tracking service for customers, and conduct annual inspection and regular warranty for customers free of charge.

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